Saturday, September 27, 2008

Texturing the demon

(click image to enlarge to full res)

Lack of updates! I've been pretty busy with a new job and all sorts – Therefore haven't had much time to devote to sitting in front of my mac to paint. Myself and Ptoing (Sven Ruthner) are having some fun texturing this low poly model by Brian Jones. This is still very much WIP but will post a couple of different skins shortly.


SP said...

Yes! an update! :p

I love the painterly textures and the colors are beautiful. How long did it take to paint? any plans to do more? your style looks great in 3d.

Jonno said...

Hey JP,
This is going great! The samuria/tengu style mask gives this demon a great, appealing focus. It also justifies that giant mouth! The colour palette is beautiful as always and the swirls in the flesh and the mask compliment the design so well, too. I love the suggested depth in the cheeks and the forehead. It would be great if this was used to make the exposed skin bulge on the back of the neck.

I think the white hilights on the stomach are way too strong. They look incorrectly placed when seen from the side. The red nose also looks too flat from the side. Maybe you can render it 'squashed in' to the cheeks and upper lip.

It's going sweet, man! Maybe you could add bracelets to the arms to give them more interest and colour?