Monday, March 29, 2010

Zbrush Torso study

I'm getting more into Zbrush. If I'm honest, I haven't really read up much on how I'm meant to be doing things in this... So I will most likely have to go back and remodel. This is very much just studying how the clay brushes work in Zbrush 3.5 - It's all just from my head with no ref, so excuse any completely imaginary musculature :)

I'm thinking of adding the previously posted Yakuza head to this. Sculpting a Kimono drape - a set of hands and the kneeling pose. Again, just to practice painting onto the model in Zbrush, so - it's tattoo research time (and swatting up on Zbrush time)!

1 comment:

Shoki said...

Daaaaym, you're picking this up fast! Torso looks awesome.