Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skeleton Knight WIP

Progress is slow on this one, but I thought it went quite nicely with the little axe guy I'm doing - and I needed a little break from him. So - here's an early WIP.

The leftmost one has no arm, so you can see the abdomen more clearly - I will remove the helmet on this one also to show the head. A face study and more detail on weapon/helmet/arm parts will be arranged around it. I currently have no idea whether to include the horns or not.. (one horn?) they bolt on to the holes either side of the skull/helmet. Actual head is very much lower down and would be looking out through the open jaw or alternatively maybe electronically via the eyes in the skull (silly I know).

I'll probably whack some more texture in there too - but if anyone has any crits feel free to let me know about it.

Please click to see a bit bigger :)


Shoki said...

Sick design, dude! I think the horns look great and should be kept.

laura! said...

That faceplate is badass.

Søren Bendt said...

Hey man,

Wanna join me for some sketching Satuday 31st? I'll be joining the sketchcrawl here:

also I dig this design. :)

JP said...

Thanks guys! It's all been a bit nuts these past few months - I just got back to London last week so will definitely have to scan stuff.

Søren: Yep! What better way to break in a new sketchpad :)

kdsh7 said...

hey JP, it's great to see all your work after seeing your sketches at the London sketchcrawl! Really love your work, a lot of variety with the concepts, doodles and even 3D. Your designs have a lovely soft appeal to them. Hope to see more!

JP said...

@ kdsh - Thanks, I need to update with all my sketches from the crawl though. It's been a hectic few weeks (new job, flat, builders etc.) You up for the next one?

kdsh7 said...

Yes, would love to see your sketches again, as well as any new work you've done.

Will definitely be at the next one, they're the exact kick in the behind I need to get me drawing more!

Hope the new job/flat/builders are going/doing well.

Lars Otterclou said...

fuckin rad!

Shoki said...

I demand updates! It's been a kabijillion years since you last posted, even a little scribble would do..